1. The beginning

I "grew up" on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). I needed a nickname/handle.

I went through many, none of them good.

I saw some guy called "O'boy", so I took "Nesquik" just to tease him.

Much to my regret, that was the first nick that stuck.

2. The domain

I was a kid on IRC, I needed a domain, because it was cool.

I registered and used it as a home page and IRC "vhost".

I might've been 13 at this point in the story.

3. The letter

I got home from school.

I had gotten "registered mail" from Switzerland.

What? Never gotten that before.

I nervously picked it up at the post office, after showing ID and what not.

Nestlé was threatening to sue me, because I owned

I might have just turned 15.

4. The end

My dad talked them into "buying" the domain instead, and I got about USD$500 if memory serves me right.

I let it expire and Nestlé took over the domain.

They never used it.

5. End?

They never used it.

It expired recently.

I am now in my thirties. I haven't used the name "Nesquik" for more than 20 years.

I've registered the domain again.

The only purpose of this page and this domain is to tell this story. Make your own conclusion.

(I am Kristian Lyngstøl ( or, english, tech) or (fediverse, norwegian)) - this page was originally written in 2016, when I re-acquired the domain)